Class Description


Us Too Gymnastics classes are designed to help your child experience gymnastics in a fun and positive environment. Our 45 minute program will introduce your child to activities that stimulate the mind and body as a whole. Activities that will help your child learn to focus, interact, take turns, follow directions and have fun. They will enjoy doing activities that involve basic gymnastics, songs, games and social skills. Our program is designed to help kids improve on their skills and self-esteem to get them ready for other programs.

Transition Program

Our transition program is set up to help a child with special needs transition into one of our typical developing gymnastics classes. Once a child has passed all of his/her progression cards they will be ready to start practicing what they have learned in a typical developing gymnastics class.  

Your child will continue to participate in his/her special needs class as well as practice in a typical gymnastics class.  Each week in your child's special needs class your coach will work on anything your child had difficulty with in the typical gymnastics class.

When your child no longer needs the extra support your child will graduate to a typical developing gymnastics class and will no longer need to participate in a special needs class.

The transition program does not cost extra, you will still pay $125 per month.  The funds raised by providing typical gymnastics classes help cover the cost for this program.

Must have coach approval to participate in the transition program.

Fees for gymnastics classes

Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes.

-Group Class Cost: $125 per month (3 kids to 2 coaches)

-One On One Aid Cost: $200 per month (individual class with aid, other kids may be in the gym sharing the space)

-Personal Session: $300 per month (entire gym reserved for your child)

-One time Registration Fee: $15.00 

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