"This is a letter to thank you for all you have done for both my kids. Both Abby and Gus love coming on Friday nights. It's so great to be a part of something that's centered around special needs.

Usually we are trying to fit into typical children activities, but finally we have found a place where we feel at home. Both my kids have improved in so many ways. Socially, emotionally and physically!

Having a child with special needs is hard enough, it's nice to know you're not alone. With my husband currently serving in Iraq, it's nice to have other families to rely on. It's more than a gym class - it's more like a tight family. We need more places like this!"

The J's - Eric & Gina & Abby and Gus

"My 3-year old son is extremely shy and has a slight speech delay. We have taken him to different classes such as karate, soccer, basketball, music and other gymnastic classes, but he resisted going and would not participate in the classes.

Us Too Gymnastics is the first class that he loves to attend and he looks forward to each session! My son attends class once a week and he enjoys it so much that I wish there were more classes available.

Us Too Gymnastics provides my son with personalized attention in an energetic and positive environment. Dena and Vicky are wonderful instructors who understand each child's unique needs. Their loving and nurturing nature helped my son feel comfortable with them immediately. Their program is fun-filled with diverse activities including music and other physical games in addition to the basic gymnastic lesson. In just two months, my son can do somersaults and walk the balance beam all by himself!

I hope that Us Too Gymnastics will be able to expand their services to better meet the needs of a broader community, so they too can enjoy the benefits that my son has received. I would highly recommend Us Too Gymnastics for children with any degree of special needs."

Thank you,
Kathy T.

"God bless you for all that you do for our kids. Thank you SO much for a wonderful experience with Santa yesterday. Haley's first meeting with Santa is something I will never forget and you all made that happen :)"


"Us Too Gymnastics, Inc. is a great and beneficial organization for special needs children. Being a mother of a special needs child myself, I found that the programs (others) offered to special needs children are basically therapeutic. Us Too Gymnastics is different - it allows special needs children to be themselves and have fun.
At the gym, special needs children are able to learn basic gymnastics in a social environment helping them to gain confidence in their abilities, which they would not be able to do in a typical gymnastics program. Also, the difference between typical gymnastics programs and Us Too Gymnastics is that special needs children are seen simply as any other child. The coaches are patient and understanding towards the children, helping them to respond positively and enjoy the class.

After observing the gymnastic classes, it is easy to see why both parents and their special needs children like attending so much and look forward to the next class."

Olga S-M

"Richard was able to follow all the instructions from the very first session. I was so impressed that he was able to imitate the moves. I never knew he had such great balance and stamina on the beam.

His tolerance to new people and situations has improved. He spontaneously greets his teachers and friends at gymnastics. Richard is able to generalize some of the language to home - seat, jump, straddle, spin...

He sleeps really well the night of gymnastics, and the smile on his face during the session is priceless. It's the best money we have ever spent for therapy.

Most importantly, he absolutely has fun and wants to do it every day. We love Vince! He is awesome. Everything is wonderful, and I wouldn't change a thing."

April J

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